The Little Tugboat that Could

If a tow truck is what gets cars out of the road, then a tug boat is what gets boats moving. Tug boats are smaller boats that move stuck boats, either through contact or through using a tow line to pull them along. They are called tugboats after all!

tugboats and tugboat mastery luling la

There are three different types of tugboats. One is a seagoing tug boat that can run in the open ocean and are designed for speed and power. The second is a harbor boat that is often smaller and they are only used when they are needed. They are wide boats that come into the harbor, clear out any boats that are having trouble, and then they return to the dock and await the next need for them.

River tugboats and tugboat mastery luling la do the most pushing of the three since they aren’t designed to go into the open ocean. They have flat fronts to give them the most leverage, and powerful engines to push boats ashore.

The tugboat tow lines work as you would expect, with both ships being hooked together by ropes and then the tugboat begins dragging the larger ship wherever it needs to go. Then, once it gets out of danger or out of the way of other ships, the lines are detached and the repairs are made. Tugboats can even be rescue ships and outfitted with firefighting gear to help deal with fires onboard oil barges and larger ships.

When they aren’t making rescues, they can often be found in tugboat races or at tugboat ballets, where several tugboats will perform moves and glide around the water to the tune of classical dance music. That just sounds awesome doesn’t it? So the next time you see a little tugboat moving around the harbor, give it a smile.