5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Change Your Own Oil

Take your vehicle into the professionals when it’s time for an oil change. You might think that it is best to DIY, but the truth is, the professionals offer benefits too good to miss. Take a look at five of the top reasons oil changes port orchard wa are best left to the professionals.

1- It’s a Messy Job

But the professionals are donned out in protective work clothing, so the mess isn’t a concern at all. It’s far easier to get those uniforms clean than it is getting a stain out of your $80 jeans.

2- Money Matters

Costs of professional oil changes are oftentimes about the same cost as a DIY job, but you get far more advantages when you leave it to the pros. Why DIY when you can save time and leave the job to someone else?

3- Oil Disposal headaches

Oil and the oil filter both must be properly disposed of after an oil change. It is not easy to properly dispose of these items yourself. But, that worry isn’t a concern that you will face when professionals change the oil in the vehicle for you.

4- It isn’t Easy

If you have never changed the oil before, you’ll learn quickly that it can be a difficult job. Not everyone is cut out to change the oil. If you are not mechanically inclined, call in the pros to help you out.

5- Time

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Professionals take care of the oil change fast and efficiently. They are experts at oil changes since it is a service they perform on a daily basis. They’ll maximize the time that you save because there are far more important things in life to do than sit around getting your oil changed.